Easter Basket Stuffers

Easter Basket Amazon Finds

It is hard to believe Easter is right around the corner.  We went from Spring Break to multiple competitions back to back!  It's time to think about stuffing those Easter baskets!

Here are some great Amazon finds!

Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.


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Valentine Shopping List

Valentine Shopping Blog Post

Do you buy Valentine gifts for your kid?  We don't really have a habit of exchanging big things with our spouses on this holiday, but it always has seemed like a great way to say "I Love You" to our kids (and grandkids).  Here are some fun items we found as well as some great ideas for the Valentine Parties at school.  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

The practical gifts - those items you would end up purchasing anyway!  From draw string bags for practice or water bottles, these items filled with a treat is an adorable gift for your dancer!

Adidas Draw String Bag or the Sparkle Draw String Bag

Ms. Kate's Favorite Water Bottle or the Hydro Flask

Looking for adorable Valentine Shirts?  Most are Toddler through Youth sizes!  It is always fun to dress for the season!

Girls Unicorn Baseball T Style 1 or Girls Unicorn Baseball T Style 2

Girls XOXO Baseball T

Boys Dinosaur Baseball T or Toddler Boys Loads of Love Baseball T

Teen Girls or Moms will love this "spread kindness" T.  I think that it can be worn all year and sends the perfect message for this holiday!

Fuzzy Socks - Nothing warms the heart more than cozy warm feet!

Womans Fuzzy Socks 6 pack

Girls Fuzzy Socks 5 pack

Fluffy Slipper Socks

Beauty items with girls are always a hit!  Here some of our favorite Amazon finds!  Even if you don't buy these for your favorite Valentine, check them out for yourself.

Kitsch micro fiber hair towel.  If you have not tried these towels to dry your hair, you are missing out!  Makes styling hair so easy!

Kitsch micro fiber scrunchies.  If the whole hair towel isn't for you, try these hair scrunchies for after washing your hair.  They absorb the extra water and make hair styling much easier.

4 pack Hair Claw Clips.  I'm an 80's girl and grew up with banana clips and couldn't be happier that these are back in style!  I mean I love a baseball hat, but who's with me on this one?

Valentine Hair Scrunchie 12 pack or Valentine Hair Scrunchie 24 pack!  Get these and break them up for cute little surprises for your daughters or their friends.  This 90's trend is back and is so easy to add a cute pop of color to wearing your hair up!

Pastel make up brushes!  My 3 year old granddaughter loves to do her make up with me while I'm getting ready.  I bought these cute make up brushes thinking she would like them, but NO WAY - they are mine!  Love them, so does she!  We share 🙂

Pink Make Up Travel Case - cute and practical make up case!  I'm getting this for my adjust girls and putting some cute valentine candies in it!  Just think it is the perfect size for make up.  It comes in other colors, but the pink says Valentine's Day.

Lip Smacker 8 Pack.  Ok little girls like their make up items too.  These bring back so many memories and you can never have enough.  NOW, teaching kids to not leave them in pockets when they go through the wash is for another day!

EARRINGS, let's talk about hoops!  So happy these are back in my life.  They put a smile on my face and couldn't love that the teenagers ask me where I got them so they can get some too!  They want to match me 🙂

Gold Twisted Hoops

Chunky Gold Hoops

Silver 3 pack Hoops

Journals are a such a wonderful way for people to express themselves.  You can put a personal note in the cover that they can look at as they add notes or their thoughts.

Wirebound Journal or Thimblepress Journal

Crayola Washable Gel Pens

I love to color code my calendar and notes for the day.  Here are my favorite Gel Pens.

There are so many phone styles now I just can't keep up.  But here are 2 adorable cases.  I usually have the same case until it breaks or needs to be replaced, but I decided to change it up and have different cases to go with the seasons or holidays!  Click on these and find your phone version!

Silicone heart case - this is for the iphone 11 pro but available in different versions.

Hot Pink Glitter Phone Case - this is for the iphone 12 pro but available in different versions.

Pop It Heart is a fun little trinket that kids love collect.


Glitter Squishy 32 Pack Valentines

28 Pack Valentine Foam Airplanes

12 Pack Bubble Pop Braclets

24 Pack Pokemon Party Favors




12 Days of Shopping – Just Stuff

Just Stuff Girls Like!  Yes when we say girls we mean all ages.  Little girls, teens and even some great items for moms!  Even items if you like to do mother/daughter matching sets.  Socks, Robes, Craft Items our favorite fuzzy slippers and so much more!  Moms we got you on those early competition mornings with your Dance Mom coffee mug.  We all need that kick of caffeine as we try and get the perfect bun in their hair before a competition day!  You may also want to join in on the latest trends with hair clips and gold hoop earrings.  So many great items to explore!  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Happy Shopping on Day 11 - here are the items on todays shopping list!

Fuzzy Pillows to snuggle and decorate the perfect cozy bedroom!

Adult Fuzzy Slippers and why not match with Kids Fuzzy Slippers!  We of course picked purple, but there are so many color options.

Move over messy buns ~ Hair Clips are back!

Cold Drink Sleeves.  Nothing worse than the puddle that our iced drinks leave.  Giving these a try, you should too!

Dance Mom Coffee Mug.  Time to leave a hint to your favorite dancer on an item that mom may like!

Fuzzy Socks for everyone!  Adult and Kids!

Have you traveled to a hotel that has robes hanging and waiting for you?  It is a luxury that shouldn't be just at fancy hotels!  As competition travel season is upon us, there is no better way to get ready in the hotel than snuggled in a cozy robe.  Adult Fuzzy Robe ~ Kids Fuzzy Robe

Craft Time!  We all need that downtime where we snuggle up to a good book or do crafts!  Here are some great choices to keep our dancers busy when they are not at the studio.

Diamond Art

Gem Art - younger version

Ballet Mystery - chapter book "The Secret of the Ballet Book"

Hardcover Book - younger book option "Parker Shines On"

GOLD is making a comeback!  So are Hoop Earrings!  These are light weight and the perfect size.

Apple Watch Band - we love everything that sparkles and this one caught our eye.

Finishing up this list with Disney Princess Lip Balm!  No chapped lips this winter!




Day 10 - 12 Days of Christmas Shopping

As soon as your dancer begins to travel with their team it is important that they can pack light as well as have everything they need while on the road.  If you haven't used packing cubes yet, you are about to see what great space savers they can be when packing.  Not only are these great for packing for trips, but would be great items as well when organizing your dance bags for competitions.  We also included some "cozy items" to this list.  Everyone wants to be comfortable when they are traveling.  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Vanity Planet Travel Mirror ~ Seriously, I have had this mirror on several of our shopping lists.  We use our mirrors daily to do make up!  Perfect for in a hotel room.

Packing Cubes ~ TRY THEM!  If you haven't tried the packing cubes for travel, you have to give it a shot.  It saves so much room and keeps your luggage so organized.

Instant Ice Packs ~ They are dancers and use ice packs often.

Portable Chargers ~ A must have!  The girls all fight over the outlets in practice room 🙂

Neck Pillow ~ Everyone likes a good neck pillow when traveling.

Cozy items to keep yourself comfy while you travel or are just hanging at home!  Moms will love some of these items as well!

Oversized Fuzzy ~ LOVE this item.  It is so cozy.

Kids Fuzzy ~ If moms have a fuzzy - you kids will want one!

1/4 Zip Sherpa ~ ADORABLE!

Lounge Baggy High Waisted Joggers ~ The girls will LOVE these joggers.

Black Hiking/Lounge Pants ~ Another comfy pair of travel pants.

Kids Joggers ~ Super cute 3 pack of joggers.

Purple Sherpa Blanket ~ We love purple, but there are many other colors.  When we travel we always like to have our own blanket with us.

Purple Fuzzy Pillow ~ Just because its cute, fuzzy and purple.

Adult Vest ~ It's Kate and Rachel .... Of course we have a vest on our list!

Kids Puffer Vest ~ Super cute puffer vest for girls!

Day 9 Injury Prevention


12 Days of Christmas Shopping - Day 9 - Injury Prevntion

As with most sports Workout Recovery and Injury prevention are key to continued success.  The items on this shopping page include items from massagers to ballet warm up boots and much more!  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Ballet Warm Up Booties ~ Many dancers will tell you that once your muscles are warmed up it is hard to keep them that way.  These ballet warm up booties are great items if we have a large break between competition routines or classes.

Pure Wave Massager ~ This massager is my favorite and a total life saver.  If you have plantar fasciitis or just sore muscles and aches and pains.....this massager handles it all.

Deep Tissue Massager ~ Several of the girls have these massagers and love it for quick muscle recovery between routines.

Shoe Smell Eliminator ~ Ok - this isn't for the dancers as much as it is for the parents who have to smell those dance shoes in the car pool!

Arnica Cream ~ If you have any bruising this is a great item to help reduce bruising and heal more quickly.

Biofreeze ~ Out with Icy/Hot - In with Biofreeze.

KT Tape ~ Many girls use KT Tape for a variety of reasons.  This nude color is perfect and a great price.

REvix Knee Ice Pack ~ Reusable icepacks are the best!

12 Days of Christmas Shopping - Day 8

We're talking beauty tools.  While we do think these are perfect for the dancers and their make up, there are few items we use and love in our day to day make up that moms may enjoy as well!

Make Up Brushes - this is not only a good set of brushes, but also adorable in the bright pink.  A smooth make up application starts with the applicators you are using.

Make Up Eraser - THESE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Toss out the disposable make up remover wipes with chemicals on them.  Water and this cloth will remove competition day make up in a snap!  You have to try it to believe it.

Brow Shaper - The best stage make up comes with highlighting your eyebrows.  This helps the girls eyes to pop when performing.  Many younger kids naturally have a very soft eyebrow color - enhance their brows with this tool.  Super Easy.

Nail Clipper Set - Save money by saving their dance shoes from popping holes in the toe.  Keeping their toe nails clipped helps eliminate ingrown nails and also holes in dance shoes.

Water Spray Bottle - If you want the perfect competition day bun, it starts with WET hair.  This bottle is perfect!

Becca Under Eye Brightner - LOVE this stuff.  It corrects and brightens the darker lines and circles under your eyes.  A great base for both dancers and moms 🙂

Vanity Planet Travel Mirror - I have this mirror and I love it!  Use it everyday and also it is perfect for traveling to competitions.  It might currently be out of stock, but it was still letting you put it in your cart!

Caboodle Make Up Case - Take us back to the 90's with the adorable Caboodle carry case!  Just because it is purple and fun!

Dyson Air Wrap System - Ok the price point on this is a little extreme, BUT this unit is LIFE CHANGING.  I personally have thick, dry and curly hair.  Hair done in 10 minutes.  From wet to fully styled!  You would never believe it unless you tried it!  Maybe this price point is too extreme, look around and see if you can find it someplace else.

We may add more items throughout the day as we find deals!  But check out some of these things and get your dancer set for the competition season (and even day to day make up).

Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is coming quickly.  In fact many deals have already started today!  We have taken the time to comb through some of Amazons Cyber Deals.  Check out what we found below!  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.  Some prices may vary based on Amazon Prime Membership, Coupons and product availability.


Calling All Girls Gifts (ages 5-10)

We spend a lot of time with girls this age as well has have kids and grandkids of our own.  These items while not dance related, sure will put a smile on any young girls face!

1- Beanie with Pom

2 - Instant Camera Pack

3 - Indoor Obstacle Course

4 - Fidget Spinners 

5 - Push Dot Fidget Game 

6 - Washi Tape for Art projects 

7 - Shoe Gems - for your garden shoes 

8 - Girls Strappy Leotard 

9 - Repositionalbe Wall Art

10 - Digital Video Camera for Kids 

11 - Cute Pencil Case 

12 - Scalp Massager 


Technology Ideas

The Deep Tissue Massager is an amazing item for sore muscles.  We have one similar to this on a list laster this week, but couldn't resist this price.  The tripod is great for all those Tik Tok dances and recording their practice videos for the Band App.  Just for fun we have the digital video camera and instant camera pack.  The Roomba, come on who doesn't want one of these items, especially when the price is right!

1 - Deep Tissue Massager 

2 - Tripod with ring light 

3 - Instant Camera Pack 

4 - Digital Video Camera for Kids 

5 - AirPods Pro Silicone Case 

6 - XBOX Just Dance 2022

7 - Roomba 

8 - Cricut Heat Press 

9 - Garment Steamer 


Practice Attire Deals - Adult Sizes

The Cyber Deals are full of adorable strappy sports bras.  Here are our top 6 picks.  Many do come as low as an AXS for some of our younger dancers.  Great prices on some adorable pieces.

Strappy Sports Bra #1

Padded Bra Tank #2 

Padded Sports Bar #3 

Strappy Sports Bra #4 

Supportive Sports Bra #5 

Criss Cross Sports Bra #6 

7 - Raceback Workout Tank 3 pack 

8 - CRZ Yoga Pants 


Calling All Moms

Ok, so this post is for all those Dance Moms!  Send the links to your loved ones to get you some great items for Christmas.

We have some apparel items, jewelry and a few items that we LOVE and think your busy household would love them too!  The Roomba, well make your life easier by setting this up to vacuum while you are gone during the day.  This has been a life changer in both of our households!  Cricut Heat Press - oh yes you Pinterest moms we see you!  You are crafting up a storm and this is a price you cannot beat!  The Garment Steamer is great for those type A personalities.  If you need to have the costumes looking crisp before each competition (we love this) this tool is a great helper.  The Mom Back Pack!  This adorable back pack can store everything you need for competition day.  Not only will you have everything at your fingertips, you will do it in style!  Finally, Food Storage Containers - WHHHAATTT???  Yes, if you haven't organized and labeled your pantry we promise this will not only be a very satisfying project, but it will save you so much time during the week.  Buy items for yourself or send them to your loved ones for great Christmas Gift Ideas.

1- Chunky Knit Sweater

2- Beanie Hat with Pom 

3- Slouch Beanie 

4- Warm Cabin Cozy Crew Socks

5- Lightweight Color Block Sweatshirt 

6- Chunky Hoop Earrings 

7- Roomba 

8- Cricut Heat Press

9- Garment Steamer 

10- Gallon Motivational Water Bottle 

11- Mom Back Pack 

12- Food Storage Containers 

Day 7 – 12 days of shopping – Dance Inspired Toys


12 Days of Christmas Shopping For Your Favorite Dancer - TOYS!

Dancers become part of our Starz family at all different ages.  We would never want to forget our littles who still go home and love to play with toys.  Even when they are not at the studio we know they still have dance on their minds, so here are few items to foster their creative play when they are not dancing.  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Dancer Fidget

Ballerina Barbie

American Doll & Me Matching Ballet Outfits

Activity Book for Dancers

Mega Construx American Girl Isabelle's Ballet Recital

Lego Friends Ballet Cube

Sunlin Dance Mat

Ribbon Wand

Mad Moves Dance Game

There are so many more toys that inspire the imagination in our little dancers.  Keep checking back for more suggestions.

Stay tuned for later today as we send out the 8th day of Christmas Shopping early so that you can scope out our CYBER MONDAY DEALS!