Day 10 - 12 Days of Christmas Shopping

As soon as your dancer begins to travel with their team it is important that they can pack light as well as have everything they need while on the road.  If you haven't used packing cubes yet, you are about to see what great space savers they can be when packing.  Not only are these great for packing for trips, but would be great items as well when organizing your dance bags for competitions.  We also included some "cozy items" to this list.  Everyone wants to be comfortable when they are traveling.  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.

Vanity Planet Travel Mirror ~ Seriously, I have had this mirror on several of our shopping lists.  We use our mirrors daily to do make up!  Perfect for in a hotel room.

Packing Cubes ~ TRY THEM!  If you haven't tried the packing cubes for travel, you have to give it a shot.  It saves so much room and keeps your luggage so organized.

Instant Ice Packs ~ They are dancers and use ice packs often.

Portable Chargers ~ A must have!  The girls all fight over the outlets in practice room 🙂

Neck Pillow ~ Everyone likes a good neck pillow when traveling.

Cozy items to keep yourself comfy while you travel or are just hanging at home!  Moms will love some of these items as well!

Oversized Fuzzy ~ LOVE this item.  It is so cozy.

Kids Fuzzy ~ If moms have a fuzzy - you kids will want one!

1/4 Zip Sherpa ~ ADORABLE!

Lounge Baggy High Waisted Joggers ~ The girls will LOVE these joggers.

Black Hiking/Lounge Pants ~ Another comfy pair of travel pants.

Kids Joggers ~ Super cute 3 pack of joggers.

Purple Sherpa Blanket ~ We love purple, but there are many other colors.  When we travel we always like to have our own blanket with us.

Purple Fuzzy Pillow ~ Just because its cute, fuzzy and purple.

Adult Vest ~ It's Kate and Rachel .... Of course we have a vest on our list!

Kids Puffer Vest ~ Super cute puffer vest for girls!