Hey Dance Moms!

We have some great items for you to add to your Christmas List this year!  Our "Dance Mom" shopping list this year is all about you being the most prepared Dance Mom when traveling to competitions.

Our Cozy Lounge Set is perfect for sleeping in and completely acceptable to walk the halls of the hotel to get your dancer to her early check in for warm ups!  Can’t forget these cozy slippers to match.  Throw your hair up in a claw clip or a cute baseball cap and you are good to be seen in public!

This season is all about the Shacket.  We have a couple that will compliment your favorite Starz Shirt at competitions, but give you your own personal look!  This purple Shacket is our favorite!

Accessorize with Star earrings - We have adorable Draper James Gold Hoops on our list personal lists this year.  Also to add your Starz Team Spirit try these purple star hoops - purple star studs or gold star dangles

If you haven’t been packing with packing cubes - you are missing out!  The only downfall we have found is that we can pack so much we need to be careful not to be over weight when checking our luggage.

Travel Toiletry Bag for your items is a must!  Once your dancer starts getting ready, they EXPLODE all over the bathroom counter!  Keep your stuff organized and easy to find when you are getting ready in the hotel room!

OK - now that I cleaned my closet a year ago and tossed out all my flare leg leggings - here they come, back in style.  Try them, you might love them!

Who doesn’t love a water bottle with straw that will keep your drink cold all day!  Also this flip top bottle if you prefer! 

Gel Polish Kit!  Ok, If you like to have your nails done, but you just cannot carve the time out of your week or even justify the money weekly for your nails.  This kit is your solution.  I purchased this on a whim and have been using it weekly for the last month.  It has become so easy - the polish stays on for 6-8 days without chipping.  So many cute colors and options.  I love having my nails done, and this has been such a great option!  Check it out!

The list of items are all of the things that your dancer will ask you for in a panic throughout the competition season.  Don’t run around asking other parents if they have advil or safety pins - make a little survival kit that will fit nicely in your purse.

Make Up Remover Cloths

Pill Case

Battery Charger

Ice Packs

Fillable / Reusable Ice Packs

Travel Sewing Kit

Safety Pins

Bobby Pins

Travel Hair Spray

Finally - are you the mom whose car gets destroyed on a road trip to a dance competition?  We have some great items to keep your vehicle in tip top shape!

Car Cleaning Gel - Get all the crumbs out of the cracks from eating on the road with ease.

Wet Ones for when the drive through forgets the napkins.

Portable Car Vacuum - this handy little vac will clean up the spilled Nerds and popcorn in a jiffy!

Finally the water proof trash can!  Hang this on the back of the seat!  Empty it when you get gas and it will keep your car neat and tidy throughout the trip.

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