Starz Dance Academy offers competitive pom dance teams for children ages 4 through 18. We hold auditions to develop teams with dancers of similar age and ability. Our ultimate goal is give as many girls as possible the opportunity to dance while providing a superior dance education.  Auditions for our teamz will be held in the Spring (May) for our 11 month season.  
This year we are thrilled to have 145 competitive dancers on 8 competitive teamz (including an All Boyz Hip Hop Team).
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Parent Handbook

Starz Dance Academy All Starz Team
2015-2016 Program Handbook

Starz Dance Academy believes that being involved in competitive dance at an early age develops positive self esteem, confidence, accountability, and leadership in young dancers. In our program, dancers have the opportunity to perform for large crowds and compete against many other teams from all over the country. Starz Dance Academy always maintains a high standard of age appropriate routines and uniforms for our dancers. Our goal is not necessarily to take 1st place, but rather we encourage our dancers to do their best and improve from one competition to the next and most of all have fun. Time and time again, our philosophy has made our teams and dancers stand out above the rest.
Attendance Policy
Being a member of Starz Competitive Pom Teams is an 11 month commitment. June 14, 2013—May 2014. Teams typically practice between 1 & 2 days a week in summer and 1 day a week during the school year. In order for our teams to be successful, it is important that we have the entire team to work with as much as possible. Starz Dance Academy’s attendance policy is as follows:

       Summer: A dancer may have 2 unexcused absences per day they workout. After that they will be required to do a private lesson to make up what they missed.  Some more advanced level teams are held to a higher attendance standard.
       School Year: A dancer may have 4 unexcused absences from September—May. Additional missed practices must be made up with a private lesson.  Some more advanced level teams are held to a higher attendance standard.
       *Excused absences include but are not limited to illness with a medical excuse and school events required for a grade.
If a dancer will be absent from practice, simply send us an email with the reason for absence, in advance to let us know.
       *A private lesson cannot replace the importance of a team practice. If a dancer has a lot of unexcused absences and does not have an acceptable knowledge of the routine, the dancer will not be able to compete in the next upcoming competition/performance. The competition/performance fee is non-refundable if the dancer is not able to perform.
       *Dancers cannot miss the practice before a competition or performance. Doing so will result in her inability to compete or perform.

Estimated Expenses

Annual Registration Fee (Due with contract)
$80 per team member

Security Deposit (Due with contract)
$75 per team member
The security deposit is to insure that dancer’s fulfilled their commitment and attend all events. Anytime you have an unexcused absence from a competition/performance, $25 will be deducted from this deposit. This deposit is non-refundable; however once you have fulfilled your commitment to the entire season, the balance of your security deposit will be applied to your last month’s tuition.

Team Tuition Policy
Team Tuition covers all practices (weekly lessons and coach’s wages), music, and professional routine choreography.
Tuition is due by the 1st of every month. There is a $25 fee for payments that are more than 5 days late. We do accept cash, check, or credit card (MC, VISA, AMX, or DISCOVER). For your convenience, we also offer automatic withdrawal from your credit card for monthly tuition.

All payments and fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. This means if you leave the program for any reason, you will not receive a refund of any fees. Fees paid may not be transferred to another class, team member, or season. In addition, you will be responsible for all fees associated with the season, even if your dancer does not finish the season.  This includes but is not limited to future and past team tuition, class payments, competition fees, costume fees, etc. We accept cash, check, or credit card. A $25 late fee will be added to payments that are more than 5 days past due. Unpaid fees may result in termination from the team or inability to compete.

Competitions/Performances & Fees

Starz competitive dance teams will compete/perform in approximately 1 competition or performance a month from August through May. There will be approximately 8 competitions/performances per competitive season.

Attendance at all competitions/performances and awards ceremonies is mandatory! Competition/performance fees will not be credited or refunded if a dancer is unable to attend an event. We do understand that there are family weddings and/or funerals that do come up, so please inform us as soon as you know. (We do hand out our competition/performance schedule in July.) If a dancer is sick the day of an event, please contact us on our cell phone asap. 

Starz Dance Academy is recognized as the largest competitive all star dance team program in the area, has the finest and very qualified staff, and has an amazing new facility! As a result, our fees may be slightly higher than some programs. We do our best to keep costs down and comparable to other programs.

Fees are charged for all competitions and performances. Fees include coach’s expenses, administrative costs, and entry fees. The annual competition/performance fee structure will be distributed. The competition/performance schedule will be available in July.

We will have tryouts for additional teams and routines at the end of the summer. There will be additional fees for these teams.

All dancers must purchase their own uniforms. We do our best to find the best looking and most appropriate uniforms while keeping costs affordable.

Estimated uniform expenses:
Pom Uniform: $75-180
Jazz Uniform: $75-150

*It is recommended that all dancers purchase a garment bag and hang all uniform pieces to preserve their costumes for the entire 11 months season.  We will have sample garment bags, tote bags, and duffle bags in the pro shop.

All dancers must purchase a competition pair of tan jazz shoes, tan tights (3 pairs), and under leotard. These costs are not included in the uniform fees above. These items will be ordered through the studio. Please note that jazz routines could potentially use black jazz shoes that would not be included in their uniform fee above.  Sample sizes for shoes are in the pro shop.

Please keep uniforms clean and in good competition/performance condition through the entire season. Items such as poms, gloves, headbands, and hair ribbons that become lost and are not able to be replaced, will result in that individual dancer not being able to compete/perform and possibly replacing a new uniform piece for the entire team.

Practice Attire/Appearance
Dance Shoes are mandatory! Shoes (jazz shoes, ballet shoes, or lyrical sandal) must be worn at all practices. Please wear tank tops, cami’s, tight fitting shirts, t-shirts, or leotards along with shorts (with tights), or capri’s. Sweatshirts and sweatpants can be worn during warm up only.
Dancers are to practice good personal hygiene and healthy habits; we encourage dancers to bring healthy snacks and drinks.

Parents and dancers, please be courteous and considerate to all dance teams and individuals. Please don’t speak negatively about any dancer, decision, or result. We strive to teach our dancers respect and sportsmanship! Anyone who behaves inappropriately in our studio or at a competition/performance may be asked to leave our program. We are trying to create a positive learning environment for our dancers.

Parent Involvement
Starz Dance Academy encourages parents to be involved in our studio and attend competitions/performances. It is the parent’s responsibility to know what’s going on at the studio. Please check your email and our website regularly.  We also encourage parents to coordinate with other dancers parents to form car pools and plan fun events for their daughter's team.

Any parents that are interested in organizing fundraisers to offset uniform and competition/performance expenses, please see the office. Starz will need to approve all fundraisers and any Starz Dance Team parent can organize a fundraiser for others who would like to participate.

Please be aware that all communication is done via email (practice changes or cancellations, competition times, waiver, announcements, etc.). Please make sure to check your email and our website regularly for reminders, updates, etc. If you need to talk to a coach, please contact us by email or phone.

Studio Holidays (no practices)
Tuition is not adjusted for these breaks. We will have additional practices and events throughout the year that will compensate for missed dates due to holidays.
4th of July
Labor Day
Christmas/New Year’s

Studio Guidelines
No food or drink is allowed in the two dance studios. There is a water fountain located in the pro shop for drink breaks. Water bottles and snacks can be put into the lockers located in both of the locker rooms. Each dancer is responsible for picking up after themselves in the studio and in the locker rooms. All garbage, food, drink bottles, etc. must be placed in trash containers, not left in lockers. All dancers’ items should be placed in a locker, not left on the floor. Dancer’s may bring a lock but must remove it at the end of the night. Starz Dance Academy is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Each competition we attend determines their own divisions. Some of the competitions we enter will be determined by the average grade of the team or by the oldest person on the team. We make our teams according to age, grade, and dance ability. At some competitions, our teams will compete against each other. We strive to give as many girls an opportunity to dance and compete as we can, which does in some cases, force us into having some teams compete against each other.

All parents and visitors must remain in the waiting area during practices/classes. During certain times we will invite parents and visitors in to watch what we have learned.

Technique Classes
Starz offers many different technique classes that will help advance each dancer’s skills. To ensure that all dancers are at the appropriate technical level for the team, students new to our program, have moved up a level, or under the recommendation of the staff  will be required to take an additional technique class over the summer. At the end of the summer, each student’s progress will be evaluated. At that point, we will determine whether or not the student needs to continue with a technique class in the fall.  In addition, some of our most advanced teams will be required to take a ballet class throughout the year. 

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