Starz Dance Academy offers competitive pom dance teams for children ages 4 through 18. We hold auditions to develop teams with dancers of similar age and ability. Our ultimate goal is give as many girls as possible the opportunity to dance while providing a superior dance education.  Auditions for our teamz will be held in the Spring (May) for our 11 month season.  
This year we are thrilled to have 145 competitive dancers on 8 competitive teamz (including an All Boyz Hip Hop Team).
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Competitive Fee Structure

Monthly tuition for teams range from $50-$125 per month.  Tuition is based on the number of hours practiced per week.

Teams will participate in 2-4 routines. All teams will do a pom routine and additional routines will be either jazz, hip hop, kick, variety, or lyrical.  The style of their additional routines are selected based on each teams strengths.  Uniforms for each of these routines are required. The pom uniform ranges from $100-$200 including poms. Additional routine uniforms range between $75-$175. 

Competition expenses are based on your daughter's team level and which national level competition is selected. This amount ranges from $300-$1400 per season (not including travel and accomodations for National Level Competitions).  

Thus, an average season costs between 1,500-4,000 dollars for the 11 full months (tuition, costumes, competition fees etc.)  This does not include any additional personal expense items (shoes, tights, etc.) or any additional classes your dancer may take.  All competitive team members receive a large discount for additional classes. 

Once your daughter is invited to be a member of one of our teams, you are given a payment schedule for the year.  Payments are not due all at once.  For your convenience we set up affordable payment structures for our families.  For our youngest level teams (2nd grade and under) we limit the number of routines and competitions to keep costs affordable and schedules reasonable.


 All Star Teamz Fee Breakdown


Monthly Tuition (based upon number of hours practiced in a week)

Classes are charged separately.  All teams are required to do between 1-4 mandatory classes throuhout the year (fewer classes for our younger and beginner teams, more classes for our older and advanced teams).  All competitive team members are offered large discounts for all classes. 


Competitive Expenses:

Registration fee:  $130 annually (includes USASF and Music Liscensing Fees)

Security Deposit: $75 (off last months tuition)


Competition/Performance Fees:

$300-$1400 (based on your events August thru April – does not include travel and accomodations)


Costume Fees:

Pom uniform with poms:  $100-$200
2nd routine uniform:  $75-$175
3rd routine uniform:  $75-$175

4th routine uniform: $75-$175

(Prices do not include tights, shoes, hair pieces, nude leotards, etc.)

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