Starz Dance Academy offers competitive pom dance teams for children ages 4 through 18. We hold auditions to develop teams with dancers of similar age and ability. Our ultimate goal is give as many girls as possible the opportunity to dance while providing a superior dance education.  Auditions for our teamz will be held in the Spring (May) for our 11 month season.  
This year we are thrilled to have 145 competitive dancers on 8 competitive teamz (including an All Boyz Hip Hop Team).
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Commitment and Attendance

Being a member of Starz Competitive Pom Teams is an 11 month commitment. June 15—May 25. Teams typically workout between 1 & 2 days a week in summer and 1 day a week during the school year.  In addition, depeding on team level, dancers may have an additional class(es) requirement.  

All new competitive team member will need to take a Jumps and Turns class for the duration of their first year to catch them up on any and all technical skills the team requires. 

In order for our teams to be successful, it is important that we have the entire team to work with as much as possible.  Starz Dance Academy’s attendance policy is as follows:

Summer:  A dancer may have 2-4 unexcused absences in the summer.  After that they will be required to do a private lesson to make up what they missed.

School Year:  A dancer may have 4 unexcused absences from September—May. Additional missed practices must be made up with a private lesson.

Competitions and Performances:  It is imperative that all dancers attend all scheduled competitions and performances.  Unexcused absences will result in a deduction from your security deposit.  This is to ensure that Starz Teamz are always well represented at any function.

*Dancers cannot miss the practice before a competition or performance.  Doing so will result in her inability to compete or perform.

**A private lesson cannot replace the importance of a team practice. 

***Excused absences include but are not limited to: Illness with a medical excuse and school events required for a grade.

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