Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday is coming quickly.  In fact many deals have already started today!  We have taken the time to comb through some of Amazons Cyber Deals.  Check out what we found below!  Some of the links are affiliate links. This means that, at zero cost to you, Starz will earn an affiliate commission if you click through the link and finalize a purchase.  Some prices may vary based on Amazon Prime Membership, Coupons and product availability.


Calling All Girls Gifts (ages 5-10)

We spend a lot of time with girls this age as well has have kids and grandkids of our own.  These items while not dance related, sure will put a smile on any young girls face!

1- Beanie with Pom

2 - Instant Camera Pack

3 - Indoor Obstacle Course

4 - Fidget Spinners 

5 - Push Dot Fidget Game 

6 - Washi Tape for Art projects 

7 - Shoe Gems - for your garden shoes 

8 - Girls Strappy Leotard 

9 - Repositionalbe Wall Art

10 - Digital Video Camera for Kids 

11 - Cute Pencil Case 

12 - Scalp Massager 


Technology Ideas

The Deep Tissue Massager is an amazing item for sore muscles.  We have one similar to this on a list laster this week, but couldn't resist this price.  The tripod is great for all those Tik Tok dances and recording their practice videos for the Band App.  Just for fun we have the digital video camera and instant camera pack.  The Roomba, come on who doesn't want one of these items, especially when the price is right!

1 - Deep Tissue Massager 

2 - Tripod with ring light 

3 - Instant Camera Pack 

4 - Digital Video Camera for Kids 

5 - AirPods Pro Silicone Case 

6 - XBOX Just Dance 2022

7 - Roomba 

8 - Cricut Heat Press 

9 - Garment Steamer 


Practice Attire Deals - Adult Sizes

The Cyber Deals are full of adorable strappy sports bras.  Here are our top 6 picks.  Many do come as low as an AXS for some of our younger dancers.  Great prices on some adorable pieces.

Strappy Sports Bra #1

Padded Bra Tank #2 

Padded Sports Bar #3 

Strappy Sports Bra #4 

Supportive Sports Bra #5 

Criss Cross Sports Bra #6 

7 - Raceback Workout Tank 3 pack 

8 - CRZ Yoga Pants 


Calling All Moms

Ok, so this post is for all those Dance Moms!  Send the links to your loved ones to get you some great items for Christmas.

We have some apparel items, jewelry and a few items that we LOVE and think your busy household would love them too!  The Roomba, well make your life easier by setting this up to vacuum while you are gone during the day.  This has been a life changer in both of our households!  Cricut Heat Press - oh yes you Pinterest moms we see you!  You are crafting up a storm and this is a price you cannot beat!  The Garment Steamer is great for those type A personalities.  If you need to have the costumes looking crisp before each competition (we love this) this tool is a great helper.  The Mom Back Pack!  This adorable back pack can store everything you need for competition day.  Not only will you have everything at your fingertips, you will do it in style!  Finally, Food Storage Containers - WHHHAATTT???  Yes, if you haven't organized and labeled your pantry we promise this will not only be a very satisfying project, but it will save you so much time during the week.  Buy items for yourself or send them to your loved ones for great Christmas Gift Ideas.

1- Chunky Knit Sweater

2- Beanie Hat with Pom 

3- Slouch Beanie 

4- Warm Cabin Cozy Crew Socks

5- Lightweight Color Block Sweatshirt 

6- Chunky Hoop Earrings 

7- Roomba 

8- Cricut Heat Press

9- Garment Steamer 

10- Gallon Motivational Water Bottle 

11- Mom Back Pack 

12- Food Storage Containers