12 Days of Christmas Shopping - Day 8

We're talking beauty tools.  While we do think these are perfect for the dancers and their make up, there are few items we use and love in our day to day make up that moms may enjoy as well!

Make Up Brushes - this is not only a good set of brushes, but also adorable in the bright pink.  A smooth make up application starts with the applicators you are using.

Make Up Eraser - THESE WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  Toss out the disposable make up remover wipes with chemicals on them.  Water and this cloth will remove competition day make up in a snap!  You have to try it to believe it.

Brow Shaper - The best stage make up comes with highlighting your eyebrows.  This helps the girls eyes to pop when performing.  Many younger kids naturally have a very soft eyebrow color - enhance their brows with this tool.  Super Easy.

Nail Clipper Set - Save money by saving their dance shoes from popping holes in the toe.  Keeping their toe nails clipped helps eliminate ingrown nails and also holes in dance shoes.

Water Spray Bottle - If you want the perfect competition day bun, it starts with WET hair.  This bottle is perfect!

Becca Under Eye Brightner - LOVE this stuff.  It corrects and brightens the darker lines and circles under your eyes.  A great base for both dancers and moms 🙂

Vanity Planet Travel Mirror - I have this mirror and I love it!  Use it everyday and also it is perfect for traveling to competitions.  It might currently be out of stock, but it was still letting you put it in your cart!

Caboodle Make Up Case - Take us back to the 90's with the adorable Caboodle carry case!  Just because it is purple and fun!

Dyson Air Wrap System - Ok the price point on this is a little extreme, BUT this unit is LIFE CHANGING.  I personally have thick, dry and curly hair.  Hair done in 10 minutes.  From wet to fully styled!  You would never believe it unless you tried it!  Maybe this price point is too extreme, look around and see if you can find it someplace else.

We may add more items throughout the day as we find deals!  But check out some of these things and get your dancer set for the competition season (and even day to day make up).